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The Danish Burma Committee, DBC


The Danish Burma Committee was founded in 1992 by former president of the Danish Food and Allied Workers' Union, Mr. Anton Johannsen. In March 2009, Mr. Joergen Juul Rasmussen was elected president of the committee.

The Danish Burma Committee has 9 member organisations, and is open to any organisation, who support the objectives


  • To support the Burmese opposition
  • To create awareness about the situation in Burma
  • To lobby for support at the political level
  • To carry out projects that are promoting democracy and human rights issues in Burma

Supporting the opposition

DBC is an active supporter of the Burmese opposition, including the 88-movements and the ethnic groups, which are working for a federal and democratic Burma.

As a consequence, we support the political parties including the National League for Democracy (NLD), who won the elections in 1990, and the student movement who headed the massive uprising in 1988.

Additionally we support ethnic groups, who for many years have fought for their rights, and regard the ethnic and cultural diversity a strengthening factor.

We cooperate with the National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma (NCGUB), which consists of parliamentarians elected in 1990, because in our opinion, it is important that the present and future development of Burma must rest with the Burmese people. In effect that means we support the strategy or political agenda coming from the opposition.

We regard as one of our objectives to inform the Danish population about the opinion of the opposition related to questions regarding Burma, and also to inform about the opposition's expectations towards the international community including UN, EU and Denmark.

Awareness building

DBC is working create awareness of the situation in Burma through activities and campaigns on various issues, such as tourism boycott and boycott of teak-import from Burma.

Lobby for support

DBC is lobbying the Danish government, the Danish parliament and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on behalf of the Burmese opposition, with the objective of gathering support for the views of the Burmese opposition, and the effort to democratise Burma.

In addition, we are an active player in the European Burma network. In cooperation with other European Burma organisations, we work for the policy of the EU to reflect the recommendations from the opposition, which calls upon the military regime to enter into dialogue with the opposition about transition to democracy.


DBC is carrying out various projects in cooperation with the opposition in order to prepare the opposition for entering into political transistion processes. We also carry out projects which helps strengthening the organisations, who is to implement democracy in Burma.

Projects include:

NRP, National Reconciliation Project. The main purpose is to prepare the ethnic nationalities to take part in tripartite negotiations together with NLD and the present regime following the recommendations in UN resolutions.

NHEC, National Health and Education Committee. The purpose of supporting NHEC is to contribute to the reconciliation between the ethnic nationalities, through the work of finding a common position and strategy related to the health and education sector. This is partly done by improving the level of health and education through capacity building.

DVB, Democratic Voice of Burma. The purpose of DVB is to bring forth trustworthy news and information to the Burmese population and the international society.

POCEP, Political Capacity and Education Programme. The programme is striving towards political capacity building of the weak political organisations, which in the future will be part of the Burmese civil society.

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